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9 Jul 2006: Here we go again

So, we're back from holiday – have been for a week actually.

24 Jun 2006: Perambulations

Gone for a walk – back in a week or so

24 Dec 2005: Extra! Extra!

It seems to be the thing at the moment to be amused by newspaper bills – the posters with breathless headlines that papers give to their street vendors and newsagents to help shift copies. The Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2005 set on Flickr has such classics as “TOOTHPASTE CANCER ALERT”, “MAN BEHEADED IN LONDON STREET”, […]

21 Dec 2005: Our friends in the north

Quite a weekend, that was – an extendible one, apart from anything else, as it spilled over into the surrounding days. Thursday evening saw us hit the gym hard. Strange things are happening to me as a result of this “working out” business – I have cheekbones again for one thing, although admittedly only faint […]

13 Dec 2005: Start and finish

Both ends of the same day – the sunrise and sunset on November 14th this year. (Links go to Flickr, where you can see the full-sized versions of these photos.) Up…Sunrise over Falmouth, Cornwall, from the Grove Hotel, 14th Nov 2005. …and down.Sunset across the Cot Valley, western Cornwall, from the garden of “The Canyack” […]

11 Dec 2005: All you need is…

Love rocks the universe……at least, it does on the wall of a public toilet in Helston, Cornwall.

5 Jul 2005: Railway children

When I was a child, it was axiomatic that all small boys were supposed to want to be train drivers when they grew up. The truth, of course, was that none of us actually did hold that ambition and probably no small boy had done for a least a decade. It just took a while […]

3 Jul 2005: Home and Away

Some photos from the recent camping trip. Despite being cut short, this was an unexpectedly refreshing and much-needed break – even if I did seem to spend most of it on the phone, juggling different bits of work that suddenly started mounting up. Before we went away I was enjoying not having any work on, […]

25 Oct 2003: A few photos from the recent walking holiday.

Have made the most of my unexpected day at home by doing organised stuff. And now that I've done that, it's time for some silly photos. First and LastAt the First and Last House by Land's End with the bastard great rucksack. Onwards, ever onwardsDidn't know this one was being taken, or I'd have swung […]

14 Nov 2002: Jib-booms and bobstays

Going away tomorrow until Monday, up to Norfolk to spend some time on – or, at least, near – the boat. Rang the yard and spoke to Alan, the head boatbuilder, who said they'd bring her from her mooring and over to their side of the river. Hopefully we'll have better luck with the weather […]

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