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26 May 2005: Memorial

As a kid, I pretty much taught myself to read on a collection of books owned by my parents from an organisation called the Companion Book Club. You can still see dozens of titles from this club, which seems to have operated through the 50s and 60s, and into the 70s, languishing unloved in charity […]

26 May 2005: There was I, waiting at the church

Wedding rehearsalA jolly female vicar, firmly in the Dibley mould, leads Sarah and Dave through the rehearsal of their vows for Saturday. Up to my hometown (or rather, a village nearby) this evening for the rehearsal of my sister's wedding. Given the sort of service we feared we might be going to when she was […]

24 May 2005: Dual-purpose post

Yes. New haircut. Requests to see it. Seven across the three versions of this journal. Are you all mad? Or is it just me? Me, I suspect. Well, here you are. Two for the price of one. The emperor's new haircutMuch like the last one really, only a bit different. Sorry if I raised people's […]

21 May 2005: Hair today – still hair tomorrow

The ongoing bafflement about what to do with my hair reached a climax this morning. A family wedding next weekend demands it short. Beloved Other Half likes it long. I spend half my time cursing its length, and the other half feeling rather pleased with it. The upshot is that at one minute past nine […]

20 May 2005: I aint'nt dead

Because it has been suggested that I look as if I were dead in recent photos, here is one in which I don't. Much.

19 May 2005: The Poll Tax revisited

Below is the latest email from the campaign against ID cards. If you're in Britain, please – sign the petition. If you value your ability to stick two fingers up at society and say 'sod you, I'm me and I'm the one who decides what that is, not you' (as I know a fair few […]

17 May 2005: There, said the Mayor, that's that

Well, that's the end of this stint at the Independent. No more sleep-deprived battles with the Scottish division three table (did you see Gretna this season? What were they on? Chelsea? Pah!) No more late night drives across darkened London. No more celebrity interludes at 24-hour service stations. Will I miss it? Obviously. Am I […]

16 May 2005: Pigs 1 – 0 Pizza

Virtue may be its own reward, but it appears that vice packs a punch all of its own. No sooner had I scarfed half the pork gelatine pizza last night than it all started to go wrong. One sudden and emphatic visit to the bathroom later I was forced to concede defeat – karmic justice […]

16 May 2005: Guilt as an extra topping

The true measure of how committed we are to our principles is whether we can stick to them if doing so hurts us. Anyone can boycott McDonald's if the there's a Burger King next door. But can they still do it if they're in a strange country, hungry, don't speak the language, and it's the […]

15 May 2005: Father's Day review link

Great review of last night's Doctor Who episode here, via Nick Barlow. This is how storytelling should be. We get the objective correlative that explains how the relationships work. There's an adventure element, but it's really just about people. Really, life, love, being ordinary is an adventure… Anyone who thinks science-fiction isn't “proper literature” knows […]

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