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15 May 2005: Town and City

Half time in the last week of the football season and, as an Ipswich Town fan, I still have no idea whether we'll be in the same division next year as our local rivals Norwich City. Will they be relegated in 45 minutes time, or stay in the Premiership? Will we be promoted through the […]

15 May 2005: I love the sight of death in the morning

The biter bitDead brown ivy festoons a yew tree in the car park outside out kitchen window. I'm pretty easy-going usually, but I have a real blind spot when it comes to parasites. Things like those wasps that lay their eggs inside grubs so that the lavae can eat their way out really freak me […]

15 May 2005: Counting the hours

Very late for work tonight, partly because of traffic, partly because of stopping for petrol and thereby becoming embroiled in the saga of giving directions to a thoroughly lost family, and partly by being reduced to tears by tonight's Doctor Who episode. I finish at the Independent on Monday night and on the whole I'll […]

9 May 2005: On tap

USB-compatibleA collection of tubes and taps in the back of my father-in-law's hand. He got out of hospital today after a week in Bedlam.

9 May 2005: Passing moments

A few moments on the way to work last Saturday night… Tricky pollardA pollarded tree is a healthy tree… but they don't half look naked afterwards, like shorn sheep. Reflections on CanadaProvincial flags on Canada House in Trafalgar Square, reflected in the wing mirror. London sunset IThe Embankment and the London Eye at dusk. London […]

6 May 2005: Am I bothered?

The voters have spoken, and the word they have spoken is “whatever”. The electorate has watched the campaign, listened to the arguments, and shrugged its shoulders. The people have given almost every party just enough of what they wanted to shut them up, but not nearly enough for them to start feeling cocky. Labour has […]

5 May 2005: Late surge

Gordon abandons PrudenceAn unfortunate juxtaposition of billboards on the Cromwell Road has Gordon Brown spurning the doe-eyed Tony Blair to stare straight down the cleavage of a lap dancer. Closer, by farAnd again, zoomed in for detail…

5 May 2005: Wakey wakey

Up with the larkElection day, 4.30am, delivering 'good morning' leaflets for Susan Kramer

5 May 2005: Winning here

Kramer vs CommerceOrange Susan Kramer diamonds compete for space with estate agent signage across Richmond Park.

21 Apr 2005: Cream-crackered

Thank the Goddess that that's over – tomorrow I get a day off work, after 11 consecutive days at the coalface for three different companies. Only one day off, mind, and then I do six more straight at work. Call it bad time management if you like. Actually it wasn't too bad, owing to the […]

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