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19 Jul 2009: Twitter weekly updates for 2009-07-19

Tweets for this week.

12 Jul 2009: Twitter weekly updates for 2009-07-12

Tweets for this week.

5 Jul 2009: Twitter weekly updates for 2009-07-05

Here we go again. Late Sunday and I'm still bloody working. Just filed the WSR report, now to Justin Wilson's brilliant victory at the Glen. #

1 Jul 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-07-01

Went for a walk in an attempt to clear my head and improve efficiency. In this regard it succeeded. But back has now locked up. Pain… # For them as like small balls of squawking fluff, see this new site that we built and sent live yesterday for a client: # This heat is […]

30 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-30

Calm before the – well, not the storm, but the busy period. Got a half-day marketing training session here at our home office. Wish us luck. # Emerged unscathed from seminar, plenty of ideas, but now hungry and a bit raw. #

29 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-29

For a day that started so dismally, it seems to be picking up as it goes along. # – The Spitfire goes in for repair next week – will be so good to have it running again! # Andy Murray getting murdered out there… #thecuckooclock #

27 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-27

feels rough. # is looking back fondly to the days several years ago when weekends last weren't working days too. # More shaky arms after garden strimming. Poor tortoises – all the clumps of long grass they were used to hiding in have suddenly disappeared. # Can't believe how many idiots failed to put their […]

26 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-26

Gah. Head hurts, back hurts, feel very woolly-headed. Supposed to be having a biz dev away-day today but the word is thunder and bad roads. # BBC NEWS: Web slows after Jackson's death [I hope you're all pleased with yourself – you broke teh interwebs.] # Off the mark quickly: (via PL on […]

25 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-25

Another day very much like other days before and yet to come. So please feel free to insert your own witty comment here: [ ] # Had good business dev day looking into pricing etc in prep for marketing consultation (note, will block all Twitter marketers, don't try it) # is deeply amused to find […]

24 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-24

So difficult to focus today. Working from home is great but on days where your brain is fuzzy there's nothing to force it back into shape. # Frantic few minutes updating our motorsport site & @britsonpole after Max Mosley announced he won't restand as FIA boss # has taken off his web onliney hat […]

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