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13 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-13

RT @Astrofiammante Suspect in US Holocaust Museum killing has BNP links # RT @helenduffett Blogged – How to opt out of the mobile phone directory: # Working on an email template. In HTML tables. It's making me feel dirty, and not in a good way. It's like CSS never 'appened. Ack. Ugh. Ick. […]

12 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-12

is feeling surly. # is feeling quite cheerful as three nice things have happened so far today. # Up to my elbows with emergency re-skin of our motorsport site following WP2.8 upgrade disaster. Will be using @justintadlock 's Hybrid theme # The BBC's @the_magazine produces one of the year's most groan-worthy headlines on a story […]

11 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-11

Today looks very much like yesterday, which is not on the whole a recommendation. # You know you’re past it when you see the headline ‘Pop star Stevens robbed at home’ and assume it means Shakin’ Stevens. # Here’s a fun game: hunting for perfectly-camouflaged tortoises in torrential rain to check they’re somewhere sheltered […]

10 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-10

If there is a theme to today, I have yet to discover it. #

9 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-09

RT @Kate_Butler anti-BNP demos today: Liverpool 1730 Town Hall; Manc 1730 Piccadilly Gdns; Sheffield 1700 Town Hall; Preston, 1800, Flag Mkt # Some background on one of the UK’s new MEPs. Source isn’t exactly impartial, but oh my what a pleasant character he is. # RT @ElrikMerlin RT @theplayethic: Post-BNP, if any video should […]

8 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-08

Just settling down to do my half of the live blog of the Turkish GP. Did the report on the IRL Texas race earlier this morning. Need tea. # If this is true it’s way worse than anything UK reality TV ever did. Passports seized, quitting contestants locked up… # Toast and Marmite = […]

7 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-07

Back from London & what turned out to be a pan-European (or even global) humanist conference. Brilliant speakers from UK, NL, BE, DE & India # is adjusting to life after Second Life. The withdrawal symptoms are pretty severe. Getting unhooked from absinthe is nothing on this… #

6 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-06

Green Party surge helps Tories win Hitchin N by 6 from Lab and saves them in N Herts Rural by 73 against LDs. BNP scum win in S of county. # Ruddy Norah – the Dutch have beaten England on the final ball of the opening match in the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup. Astonishing stuff. […]

4 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-04

Fascinating piece in the Indy. Newly discovered World War One photographs, help needed to identify people/units in them. # Nice tinkly piano music/squiggly jazzy stuff on @radioriel at the moment. Perfect for when (as now) one’s head is stuffed with cotton wool. # RT @danieljowen loves headlines mentioning gay penguins. Makes you just want […]

3 Jun 2009: Twitter Updates for 2009-06-03

And… relax. That’s the last of the election leaflets done, with help from Beloved Other Half comparatif cialis. Back is a bit of a wreck but rest will cure. # Just been watching nesting blackbirds in the creeper on the garage wall. Very sweet. # I love a dual-monitor set-up: work on one monitor, live […]

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