Game and player links

A series of links to sites in the game, about the game, or about the people who played it

Endgame sites

How it finished

Library of Babel
We were slow. We were awful slow with some of the clues we needed to find the Cube. And so Violet / the game's creators set up the Library of Babel, to push us along a bit.
Card No. 30, End of the Line
A simple red puzzlecard - printed, bought and probably discarded in its thousands. Yet it contained the final clue to the Cube's location, if you could see how its words fit the paths on the ground.
Quirky Acuity
It was Violet wot dunnit: her blog charts the spiralling chaos her actions caused.
The Path of Least Time
Kurt was our main contact, but his loyalty turned out to be to Violet first.
The Scarlett Kite
An innocent caught in the cross fire, Scarlett paid heavily for her sister's adventures.
The Ooze Zone
In hindsight, we should have seen it a mile off. But Caine sounded so convincing when he wrote about Anna Heath's heartbroken children.
Helena Frye's police diary
Someone has to pick up the pieces when the amateurs blunder around: enter Detective Frye.
Perplex City Sentinel
All the news that fits, they print. Plus Madame Bianca's possibly-accurate horoscopes.

The players

Some of them, anyway

Me & Beloved Other Half
Apart from my non-game sites (personal, professional and, my unFiction profile is here and our PXC profile is here.
Team Alice
Team Alice (Ixalon, Izzy, Lhall, Chimera, Mac_monkey and Idlemichael) were well-organised and committed. With an internet-based research team on three continents using mobile phones to guide their diggers through the night, they probably had more fun than anyone.
"Tally's Team"
Made up of some of the heaviest hitters on the leaderboard, including joint winner Tally, this group (European Chris, Chippy, Tally, Hawk, Aesclepius and Guin) came agonisingly close on Saturday.
And many more...
Although these are the only three groups I know of who actually dug in more or less the right area (let me know if I'm wrong), a lot of other players made it into Wakerley Great Wood at one point or another. Among the first were Jaeneas and Ramsfan.

Game sites

How it was played
The main game website, substantially redesigned following the end of season one.
Mind Candy
The company behind it all... or just a pawn in the Perplexians' games, depending on how you look at it.
Far from the only site where you can buy the puzzle cards, but it's where I began with a season one starter pack.
Major resource for all sorts of ARGs, home to much of the planning, plotting and puzzling done during season one. My username over there is rand0m.
The Perplexorum
Where the cool kids went to play: a PXC-only board created by players part way through season one. Makes me feel old, so I steered clear for a long time before joining.
Must admit to not knowing a lot about this site, but a lot of work's gone into it.
Perplex City Wiki
Repository of all knowledge gleaned by players.
Perplex City Card Catalogue
Player-created site, a central resource to all the puzzlecards.
Perplex City Trades
A place to swap all those extra silvers you can't be bothered to put on eBay. As if.

What happened next

And lo, they did go forth and celebrate... afterwards there were webchats and parties and stuff.

Perplex City Sentinel: Receda Cube Found on Earth
The Sentinel got there first, of course, with a story stuffed with quotes from an interview I videoed and which doesn't seem to have seen the light of day anywhere else. Can't file this under press coverage, though!
End-of-season party
Where better to celebrate the end of a game dedicated to finding a buried Cube than the least underground, most curved building in London? The Gherkin hosted the end of season party - coincidentally on the 25th anniversary of Masquerade's Golden Hare being found - and a Flickr pool swiftly filled up with images of partying Cubehunters.
Winner's webchat
The Perplexorum hosted a webchat with me to talk about finding the Cube, and player SilentlyBroken gallantly compiled this transcript of the bits that made sense.
Mind Candy webchat
The following night the Perplexorum hosted several of the people behind the game, and SilentlyBroken was again equal to the task.
Behind the curtain with Mind Candy
Mind Candy also set up a small but interesting site with photos and drawings and plans showing how the game was planned, designed and run.

Unsolved puzzles

Four cards left to solve from season one

Famously unsolveable, and included as a gimmick. The mathmatician who finally does prove the Riemann Hypothesis will earn themselves lasting fame and $1m, so probably won't be too fussed about the PXC leaderboard points.
Probably a message encoded using the solitaire cypher: read through the forum threads and get involved in finding the solve!
The Thirteenth Labour
A complex cypher that will likely only give way to a brute force attack by all of us - head to, download the client, and get stuck in (or visit for puzzles and more).
Billion to One
A true-life test of six degrees of separation - we need to find this guy for real, wherever and whoever in the world he is. Ask your mates and tell them to go to one of the sites tracking him if they know - or
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