So we thought we'd go out for the afternoon after I got back from lunch with , and decided to head into Sussex for a walk on the South Downs.

Specifically, we hoped to complete a figure-of-eight-shaped walk that we'd started last year but only been able to finish one loop of. This time we wanted to do the half we'd missed, and so we were aiming for the central point of the '8', two windmills high on the Downs called Jack and Jill.

Things didn't go to plan. We left at just before 4pm and ran straight into a 24 mile traffic jam on the M25. We baled out as fast as possible and took back roads into Sussex, but it took us three hours to get to the windmills. With only a couple of hours of daylight left, we had to do a very truncated version of the walk, passing this rather spectacular railway tunnel, and we got back to the car just as darkness was falling.

The drive home took just an hour, almost to the minute, which was a pleasant surprise but also rather frustrating – where was the quick journey when we needed it earler?