For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed writing. At school I excelled in what we used to call ‘English Language’ and won a national commendation in a short story competition. Perhaps inevitably, when I graduated from university I ended up in journalism – still writing, only this time not fiction (despite what the cynics like to say about reporters…)

Here is a collection of some of my work. At the moment it includes only writing that I hold the copyright to, but maybe one day I’ll chase permission from some old my old employers and add some newspaper features I wrote – if I can remember where I stashed the cuttings.

If you’ve found me on YouWriteOn.com and want the full version of short stories reduced to an extract there, you can download them as PDFs here:

And don’t forget to take a look at my contribution to The Red Anthology.

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Andy Darley and Charles KennedyI wrote 16 columns for Independent Digital during the 2001 general election. They dropped off the Indy’s site a long time ago and I’ve retired from politics and left the Lib Dems, so yah boo to that. But I’ve collected them here anyway.
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North Herts Raiders, 1986Independent Digital‘s readership in the US is so great that at one point they ran a site for US readers called Independence Avenue. It didn’t last, but while it did I pitched them the idea of a column looking at America through a British eye.
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The Kilburn Times reporter: pic by Marie HydeHave keyboard, will travel. I’ve written for a lot of different publications, both before and after Eastern Counties Newspapers hammered the basics of journalism into my head. Here’s a selection of published writing.
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Sculpture in ReykjavíkWriting competitions are good discipline, even if you work under the assumption you’ll never win any. They force you to overcome the constraints of word length, deadline, subject and format in order to say what you want to say.