A few seconds of…

A project to shoot short videos capturing fleeting moments in time. Often, nothing much is happening – running water, a bit of traffic, some snow – but I hope together these give a sense of the world rolling by in all its beauty, ugliness and banality.

Locations of videos

Hertfordshire pinHertfordshire44
Lincolnshire pinLincolnshire32
Cornwall pinCornwall20
Norfolk pinNorfolk17
Essex pinEssex15
London pinLondon15
Suffolk pinSuffolk14
Devon (Lundy) pinDevon (Lundy)14
Devon (mainland) pinDevon (mainland)13
Somerset pinSomerset8
Wiltshire pinWiltshire6
Kent pinKent4
Bedfordshire pinBedfordshire3
City of Bristol pinCity of Bristol2
Buckinghamshire pinBuckinghamshire2
Cambridgeshire pinCambridgeshire1
Icons from: Maps Icons Collection http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com
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