Life, itself

The world, and all that’s in it

This section is a straight port of the old site and nothing in it works. Yet.

This is the section of the site that updates most often – the writing and the photography and the cam that record day-to-day life in all its mundane and bizarre detail.

I trained as a journalist, so I’m used to using words to capture the world around me, but I’ve had no formal training in photography and am therefore having to make it up as I go along. But I worked with some talented press photographers across three different newspaper groups over almost a decade, and I think – hope – that some of it rubbed off…

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User icon from Andy's journalI keep a regular web log at Content varies: some days I like to dissect the news headlines, some days are more whimsical. You can read the most recent five posts here, or visit the archives on DeadJournal here
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This miniature camera is good enough to capture daily lifeSo often in life you see moments that are worth remembering and you wish you could capture – thanks to a mini digital camera I can do that now. There’s nothing special going on in these photos – just bits of life that seemed worth recording.
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A touch of Southern classWhen I visit someone’s homepage one of the first things I do is look to see if they’ve included photos of themselves. So, just in case you do the same, here are some photos of me taken by a variety of people in a variety of circumstances…
Cam archive
The RandomCam in situI never meant to keep archives of my cam pics – I just found them on my hard drive one day, honest guv. The program’s actually set not to archive but it does it anyway. And since I’ve got them, I might as well use them…