Daily photo project

So the plan is that I’ll take a photo every day, at least during 2011, and string them together in one long video. I won’t be the first person to do it by any stretch of the imagination, or the most interesting, or the prettiest, but you’d never do anything if you were only prepared to be the best at it, right?

At the time of writing it’s early July and the project is still going, albeit occasionally at some risk of stuttering. It does no harm that simultaneously Beloved Other Half is doing a daily photo, and we’re both also doing running coach John Bingham’s daily half-hour of movement challenge. So there’s some momentum involved with keeping four daily challenges going, where one might falter.

It’s been interesting, so far. Although some backgrounds turn up far too often, and I don’t really get the sense of changing hair- and beard lengths that I was curious about (let alone weight loss), I like the way it’s going. I was lucky with the music, too – I very much recommend Dan-O Songs should anyone need music for a creative project.

Generally I grab a photo at a quiet point in the day, often before or after driving somewhere. But occasionally I’m somewhere interesting, and try to reflect that in the background. And, when that happens, passers-by assume I’m after a souvenir photo and offer to help by taking it for me.

That’s happened in the main hanger at Duxford Aviation Museum, and in the pit garages at Silverstone. Both times I had to explain that, no, the whole point was that I took it myself. I’m not sure they really got it when I explained the reason why I was turning down their kind offers.


So, anyway, here’s the latest version of the video:


I’m looking for a way of putting all the thumbnails up here but it’s not easy if I want to divide them by month. Which I do, because who wants to wade through all of them at once, eh? Until I find it, you can see them on Flickr. And a scary sight it is, too…