Reusing my content

I’m happy for you to syndicate my content – under the terms below

I’m happy for you to re-use the articles on AndThenHeSaid’s feature and blog pages – as long as you’re happy to respect my conditions for re-use. Basically that means crediting me as author and linking back to this site.

The technicalities – these articles are published and distributed under a Creative Commons licence. In this case, it means the following:

  • That you CAN reproduce individual articles
  • That you CAN use them commercially
  • That you CAN use them as a basis for making your own work
  • That in each of these cases you agree to ATTRIBUTE articles to me (by reproducing the footnote that appears on each one unaltered, including the link back to this site).
  • That you can ASK me if you want to vary any of these terms
  • That COPYRIGHT remains with us
  • That for any REUSE or distribution you must make these terms clear to others

As long as you’re happy with these conditions then I’m happy for you to re-use the content of these article pages. It’s as simple as that.

But this applies to written content only – I’m usually licensing images from other people. And you are strongly advised to visit the Creative Commons site and check the terms for yourself.

If you fancy [intlink id=”contact” type=”page”]dropping me a line[/intlink] and letting me know, that would be nice too.