Apples, plums and pralines

Today I went to a Lib Dem fundraiser, a garden party at the house of the chair of the Brentford and Isleworth branch. It was a very civilised affair, as you'd expect when the host was made an OBE in the New Year's Honours list for his work with the All England Lawn Tennis Club (ie the bods who run the Wimbledon Championships to you and me).

He and his wife had made three desserts – two crumbles and a summer puddling – from fruit they'd grown in their back garden. They knew we had an allotment, but not that we were giving it up, and I didn't have the heart to admit it to them as they engaged me in conversation about the joys of fruit and vegetable gardening.

There was a raffle and I, who never win anything, won two boxes of chocolates. They're made in Austin, Texas – Lord alone knows how they got over here – by a company called Lammes Candies, which proudly proclaims it's been going since 1885. One lot are pecan pralines and the other lot are pecan caramels. I sense a theme here…

Does anyone know if they are edible?