If the song had gone “I'm easy, easy like Saturday morning” it wouldn't have scanned and would never have caught on. But it catches a mood and that's the mood of this morning.

Not that it was a lazy morning. We went swimming at Hampton Open Air Pool, which is a bit of a throwback to the glory days of lidos. It's got a sauna and even a rooftop cafe where you can relax with a mug of tea and a plate of scrambled egg on toast afterwards, which is what we did.

I don't really like swimming, I've never been confident in the water and for most of my life I've considered myself a non-swimmer. But since we started going to Hampton last Autumn I've gained a bit of confidence and can do several lengths. I even did one on my back, which may sound a small thing but for me is a huge achievement.

This afternoon I'm catching up with lots of e-mails I haven't replied to, and am trying to get back up to speed on my duties as Hounslow Liberal Democrat chair, which I've let slide.