Before he was famous

This rogues' gallery all stood for sabbatical elections at the University of East Anglia (UEA) between the mid-1980s and early 1990s. These photos all came from their election literature.

If you look hard enough I'm in there, and one or two of the faces went onto greatness of a sort. There's a stand-up comedian in there, the head of a domestic violence charity, at least three people who joined the BBC as journalists, at least one with an entry in the IMDB, a university lecturer in war studies, and someone who may be the founder of Wagamama – or who may just share his name, I'm not sure.

Surprisingly few seem to have gone into politics, but one who did has been in the news lately – in fact, I saw him interviewed on the Beeb's 10 o'clock bulletin tonight. He wrote a controversial piece in the Independent a few days ago that has been widely (and I suspect inaccurately) interpreted as a stab in the back for an old friend called Charlie. See if you can spot him… (Hint – the alt text to the images will help.)

Kate Aldous Phil Angell Marcus Bluett Phil Buckley Bungle Charlotte Bush Julian Campbell
Rob Cartridge Michelle Cheaney Paul Cooke Andy Darley Robbie Davies Clare Draper Timmy Eiseb
Roger Farrant Mike Feeney Rod Findlay Pete Gaunt Richard Grayson Chris Hall Richard Hewison
Dominic Hook Jason Ions Davina James Hanman Annie Jarvis Kenneth the Gerbil Saleem Khawaja Dave Lettice
Tim Lynch Clive Lyons Ian McKenzie Aidan Merritt Ross Patrick Andy Redman Emma Reed
Jon Robb Webb Alan Russell Gina Ryan Nicola Sainsbury Jerry Sandford Phil Scott Claire Smith
Terry Sullivan Martin Verran Lynn Ward Owain Williams Giles Wilson Jenny Witt Alan Yau

Note – if you're one of the people pictured here and you want your photo removed, just email me to say so and I'll do it at once.