Have been having a bit of an Ebay frenzy recently, filling in holes my Shadowrun collection. Am also keeping an eye on some Modesty Blaise reprints that I don't have, and I've finally (after 27 years looking) picked up the elusive issue three of 2000ad comic (or at least, I will have once the seller contacts me to tell me where to send the cheque).

Took 's car off for its MOT today – passed. A lot better than student days when the failure sheet came back the thickness of War and Peace. Very civilised test centre, there's free chocolates in the waiting room and because they don't do repairs you know they're not failing you for the sake of it.

Still feeling extremely cruddy from the cold, and the rib's being hit hard by the sneezing. Am trying to avoid typical male self-pitying, however forced cheerfulness isn't my strong suit so I'm failing dismally.

With no immediate writing to be done, it's time for two big pushes: build the new website and hustle for work.