Blogging the blombings

Just posted this on the almost-dead Blogosphere News.

London's bloggers have swung into action almost as quickly as the emergency services following six or seven bomb blasts across the capital this morning.

Among those liveblogging the events – often from their work desks in the City, or from home after being turned back on their morning commute – are Robin Grant at, Tim Worstall and Nosemonkey.

Among the news organisations to do likewise are the Guardian and the BBC.

A LiveJournal community is coordinating news, rumours and offers of accommodation, as well as offering a forum for people to leave messages for loved ones, here. Thanks to The Very World of White Hart for that one.

There's also a Flickr group for blast photos here.

My view, as a London blogger? Hitler couldn't bomb us into submission, the Irish Republicans couldn't either, and nor will this lot. Let Tony Blair go all Bambi-eyed and quivery and spout a load of moronic platitudes if he wants to – we'll just stick two fingers up at the bombers and carry on with life regardless.

Hopefully without invading anyone.

Edit: three more excellent sources