Thursday, December 16th, 2004

The online diary of BBC reporter Ivan Noble, who has been battling a brain tumour since August 2002, makes compelling – and often deeply upsetting – reading. Now he writes that his father, too, has cancer. One can only feel for his mother at this new blow, and salute in admiration at his courage and optimism, which comes partly from his wife who is a cancer researcher.

From BBC NEWS | Health | Tumour diary: Dad would swap:

It would be so lovely for us all to set cancer aside for three months and not even be able to comprehend the name.

But that is not possible and wishing for miracles is a silly waste of time in precious days.

But I believe that cancer is losing.

Cancer succumbs all the time both to the incremental improvements of science and the determination of those of us living and surviving the disease day by day.

Cancer will lose and people will win.

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