Educational stuff

I've been assuming that everyone knows what an allotment is, but the cultural divide has defeated me. For those who've been wondering 'what the hell is he wittering on about?', here's enlightenment:

EatTheMeek yumm: what is an allotment by the way?
Rand0m0ccurrence: It's a plot of land where you can grow vegetables… it used to be that poor folks had them because their houses didn't have gardens and they were too poor to buy decent food
EatTheMeek yumm: ic
EatTheMeek yumm: how big?
Rand0m0ccurrence: Now it's just the middle classes who are too snooty to eat supermarket food because of the additives and GM stuff
EatTheMeek yumm: lol
Rand0m0ccurrence: 60 foot by 20 foot
EatTheMeek yumm: interesting
EatTheMeek yumm: people here grow some tomatoes, and that's about it
Rand0m0ccurrence: We grow tomatoes. Also potatoes, onions and other stuff
EatTheMeek yumm: fun!
Rand0m0ccurrence: Hard work too, though
EatTheMeek yumm: i bet
EatTheMeek yumm: i'd rather go to a supermarket