Feeding White Hart

Note to all those Tangent21 members reading this: I have now set up a syndicated feed of White Hart's LiveJournal (with her agreement, obviously). Anyone who wants can add her to their friends list and get all her posts showing up on friends' view, even though she's across the divide with the smily happy people on LiveJournal and not with us angst-ridden types on DeadJournal.

Just add white_hart_lj to your friends list and Bob's your auntie's lover. (Note: because it's just been set up, ten days' worth of entries all appear under today's date so initially it'll swamp your friends' view – normal service will begin with her next post.)

Sam, Gerri – could you mention this in your journals or spread the word by other means? I'm sure there's a few people out there who don't read my DJ who'll want to add her.