FINALLY the Rock has returned…

So. Back now.

That was a good holiday. “Good” as in, I feel refreshed – but also “good” as in we got an enormous amount of life planning done. We looked at everything – home, work, ambitions, dreams – and tried to work out what we could do to make things happen for us. Hell, we even got an estate agent to show us round a cottage there. It was far too small for us to actually buy it, and we would have rented it out and stayed living in London even if we had wanted to make an offer on it, but even so I reckon just looking at it is a pretty powerful statement about where we want our lives to go.

And I even managed to write a whole Act in the screenplay I'm working on. It's the pilot for a TV series and – well, best not to give too much away but I'll make you this promise. When it's finished I'll make a friends-only post with a link to a copy of it and you can tell me what you think. Deal?

So I'm happy – hope you're happy too.

Here's a link to details of the cottage we stayed in, with photos. But don't any of you DARE book it for this Autumn – we want to go back. There's plenty of other good ones you can pick.

Oh, and if you visit St Ives, be sure to have lunch (or breakfast or dinner) at Jarmini, a very excellent cafe just across the road from where we were staying run by our two new friends Jas and Fyl (Restaurant pic here showing how the colour scheme matches my website…).