Funny ha ha

We've been doing the TV filming thing again, going to see two sitcoms filmed on consecutive nights.

Last night (Thursday) was our second shot at Everything I Know About Men. We'd seen one episode of this already and were impressed enough to want to see more. It's created by Fred Barron for the BBC as an experiment in adopting American writing methods in the UK, and it screens for the first time this Autumn on BBC One. Watch out for it – it's good. Very good.

Tonight (Friday) was an episode from the second series of the Paul O'Grady vehicle, Eyes Down, which is set in a bingo hall where O'Grady is the manager / caller. It's okay, and O'Grady's vicious drag-queen humour is very effective, but it's no better than okay.

The evening was also spoilt by an unsuccessful warm-up comedian (highly-rated, but struggling tonight) and three twittering idiots sitting behind us, who talked through the recording and (we discovered later) dropped chewing gum down my back so it stuck fast to my fleece.

Tomorrow I'm back at the Indy in the evening, but during the day I'll be on a screenwriting course about how to create TV series.

Seeing a pattern here?