Good news

Not quite sure how it happened, but I just slept for 11 straight hours, 4.30am to 3.30pm. And what do you know? Having caught up my recent huge sleep defecit I find I can focus well enough to write again.

Yesterday was a bit different. Yesterday I didn't manage to get to sleep until 8.30am, and then the phone went at 10am. Once I found out why, though, I didn't mind at all.

This time last year (as some of you will remember) my kid sister was facing up to a diagnosis of breast cancer. An operation and months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed, which she faced with courage and stoicism.

Yesterday she called to say she'd had the results of her ultrasound and mammogram tests.

She's clear.

I know, I know, once you've been diagnosed you're never 100% safe again. But she's as close as can be.

Which is worth being woken up for.