Good Stuff

Now that was a pretty good weekend.

Saturday was constructive and successful, with a quick allotment visit followed by a blitz on doing useful stuff like putting the car through a car wash, buying more breakfast cereal (you can never have too much), and replacing the leaky kettle. But more than that, the day kept throwing up unexpected delights: for example outside the supermarket there was a charity stall, staffed by a Lib Dem colleague. There on sale for 20p was a collected edition of a couple of novels about the Royal Navy that I practically taught myself to read on as a kid. Both are now out of print, I hadn't seen them for years, and one was responsible for the long-held dream of joining the submarine service which didn't really dissolve until I left school and was faced with the fearsome application form.

Sunday was a busy day – more allotmenting at the start and end of the day, with a heavy dose of Lib Demmery in the middle of the day with an “action day” in Bedfont ward where we pounded the streets knocking on the doors of possible supporters. Good response, and nice to have helpers over from the bigger, more successful local parties in Twickenham and Richmond – normally it's us who trek over to help them.

So, much good stuff was done – but the downside was that my foot took a battering, the uneven ground on the allotment playing havoc with it and the pavements also taking their toll during the political stuff. Worth it though.