You hear that low rumbling growling noise? It's my stomach. Carrots just don't cut it.

I brought some alcoholic fudge back from Corwall for the office and everyone – well, almost everyone – is happily munching on it. Just two of us are virtuously abstaining.

But on the plus side, we had a normal evening last night because I was so hungry when I got home that we ate early, instead of leaving it to 11pm or later. That has to be good.

And also on the plus side, my eyes don't hurt today. Not yet, anyway. Yesterday they protested at being put in front of a computer screen again after a couple of weeks off.

Not so good: I've so far sent five books on their way through (one with the authors' permission) but no-one's replied to say they've picked them up. In contrast, has a two-from-seven strike rate.