Hurry hurry chop-chop quickee go

Well, that was fun.

I was woken up this morning by the sound of a car revving outside the window. It took a split second to realise this meant I hadn't been woken by an alarm clock and I catapulted out of bed, knowing I'd overslept. In fact, it was already the time at which I would ideally like to find myself on a train.

Often it can take me two hours between waking and being ready to leave the flat but today, fuelled by panic, I managed it in 20 minutes. kindly gave me a lift to the station and I threw myself onto the 9:04am train, which is the very last one I can catch and still not be obscenely late.

I'd missed breakfast, but reckoned I could grab something from the canteen at work. I'd also missed my usual mug of tea, which is dangerous because I tend to get a killer headache if I don't drink something soon after waking up.

Of course, when I got into work the system was misbehaving again, so there was plenty of time for tea, a couple of bread rolls and a low fat yoghurt (how I pine for cheese on toast).

And now I'm twiddling my thumbs.