IDS falls in love with blogging

Have posted another story to Blogosphere News, after Beloved Other Half pointed out that former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has written an insightful but utterly one-sided piece about political blogging for The Guardian.

Rather than repost the whole thing in this blog, here's an abstract and link:

Blogging will revive the Right, says senior British Conservative

Political blogging could be the Right's secret weapon, according to former British Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith writing in the left-leaning Guardian newspaper.

I'm trying to write without political bias for the site, which meant a heroic effort was needed to not be derisive about Duncan Smith. Not too derisive, anyway.

(For the Brits reading this, I should say that I'm assuming most people who see the piece will be in the US, and won't know anything much about either IDS or the Guardian – hence the need to explain who they are in the first paragraph and the headline.)