It's all happening here

Whoa. Exciting life here. How many days since I last posted and the most thrilling thing I have to write about since then is harvesting another 3lb 3oz of potatoes off the allotment today. I bet you’re all so glad you stuck me on your friends list now, aren’t you?

Actually, stuff has been happening – just not stuff I can write about. I have my rules here: for example, I don’t write about relationship stuff, so if there was something that made me bounce around with happiness all day, you’d not see a word about it in here.

Likewise (and more relevantly) work: my new line manager’s arrived, to replace the one who went on maternity leave, but work’s off limits here so I can’t write about that. (Also, I showed her a post in Beloved Other Half’s journal without realising until it was too late that as soon as she looked at the comments she would have the link to mine. *waves* ‘Hi Tina, if you’re reading this, I’m hard at work really, I wrote this at home’.)

So unless you want a discourse about the bizarre goings-on in Big Brother or the even more bizarre goings-on surrounding the Minardi Formula One team this weekend (don’t all rush to shout ‘yes please’ at once) you’ll just have to take it on trust that I’m having a whale of a time here.

Just not one that lends itself to breathlessly torrid prose.

Right – off for a bath now.