Kentwell Hall at Easter

Kentwell Hall, in Suffolk, is somewhere we’ve got quite curious about of late. Its Tudor recreations are a delight we missed out on during our schooldays but are determined to catch up on now.

And that’s without the possibility of joining the cast of reenactors, something we were actively exploring this year until scheduling killed it off.

Easter is a big deal in its calendar and this time they were time-warping back to 1535, a year they have (to look at YouTube) done before but made more topical now by the recent TV adaptation of Wolf Hall.

So much so that we found one of Thomas Cromwell’s commissioners in the house, poking his nose into the district’s religious loyalties.

As well as him, there was a small but dedicated selection of Tudors either enjoying the warmth of the house or huddling against the cold in the artisans’ buildings – plus, of course, the alchemists out in the woods.

Here’s a video we shot and edited: