La la, Monday Monday

So. The office move has happened and I'm trying to get used to a new existance in a goldfish bowl. But, as the fact I'm posting would suggest, at least I've got a good position in the bowl (hiding behind a bit of weed and a knobbly bit of ornamental coral).

I've no idea what Mrs Cheese did this morning – I left home without any cash and so didn't visit the canteen. Anyway, that itch is now scratched. I'll probably have eggy bread next time I visit.

A quick visit to the allotment on Sunday evening went well, apart from the blood-sucking flies that tried to land in my hair, frustrated by my arms being completely covered up and inaccessible. The recent rain has triggered a growth spurt so everything's green and bountiful, while the surviving potatoes are hanging on against the disease that's floored almost half of them. found and harvested a cucumber. It was pretty small but, hell, a cucumber's a cucumber, right? Next weekend the allotment committee judges the annual awards, including 'best newcomer'. We don't stand a chance, of course, since more than half the plot is still wilderness, but still…

Edit: Ye Gods… I just re-read the above. When did I turn into the sort of person who cares what an allotment committee thinks about him?