Life is like custard

Having a very strange time of it at the moment. The stuff I took time off to do is steaming ahead – creativity firing off everywhere – the pilot of Penny Dreadful almost finished, a walking website we've been planning for maybe four years almost ready to go live, ideas for a range of CafePress stuff filling a page of A4 almost on their own, pouring out of the end of my pen almost without having to be thought about.

But the point where the money runs out is just starting to creep into view (not helped by a self-inflicted £500 fine from Companies House that should drop onto the mat any time soon). Sleep has gone to hell and back again, with time of passing out now pushed right back to 5.30am. Domestic life is slipping – the old 'no haircut, untidy desk, no ironed shirts' barometer is reading 'stormy weather' again (those three things are a very clear pointer of lifestyle confusion for me, when they start to come into play it's a sign everything's slipping). Haven't been posting here much, either.

Not quite sure what to address first – sleep, probably. Finish Penny. Start putting feelers out regarding work.

That should do for a start.