Figured while my website's down I'd redirect the URL to this journal.

Can't decide whether to put the old one up on different webspace, or whether to just push on and finish the new one, wait until that's done.

Is there any need to say, it's too damn hot today?

I have Friday off work – wheeee!

Fans of Star Wars, and also of obsessive behaviour, should go here now. It's the movie animated in ASCII characters, scene by scene, shot by shot. Got the link via Jenny Miller's Heck's Kitchen. Jenny needs your donations to pay her webhost – go donate $2 via PayPal if you've ever followed a link there.

Further meanderings may be added to this post during the course of today.

Addition: I got the day off for working late a lot recently, which is nice. But guess what? I'm here late again tonight. This is rapidly ceasing to be funny.