Picture perfect

Success is pretty sweet when it comes after a run of near misses. For a while, we've been trying to get this live but have been dogged by a few techy glitches:
All is well now :o) It's a pretty nifty new product that lets you put your own photo on postage stamps (sort of). You get a sheet of the stamps and they make a great gift.

In other news, the cold has done for both of our cars so that blew a hole in the weekend… nothing we could do would sort them out. It left me having to get a bus the several miles across to Heston on Sunday where I was due to take some photos for an upcoming Lib Dem leaflet. I'm not a great fan of buses – I think it's a trust thing, I just don't believe they'll be anywhere near where they say they'll be, when they say they'll be. They're too unreliable to depend on and too likely to be full of rowdy teenagers (that's not me being old and boring, I disliked them for the same reason when I was teenager myself). Took me about an hour to get there, and then maybe five minutes to get the pictures. Couldn't face the bus ride back so I walked instead, stopping off at a Burger King on the way (which I guess made it a zero-sum walk: exercise = good, junk food = bad). It was a lovely cold, crisp day with lots of people around and the sun didn't set until the very end – wish I'd walked there too, but there just wasn't time.