Point scoring (or not)

Okay sort of a weekend… certainly had worse.

Photo session on Saturday with Simon Hughes, Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London. He's doing a quick tour of London before the campaign hots up getting photos with local Lib Dem parties for use in leaflets and stuff in the future. So we toured Hounslow Bus Garage peering solemnly at everything and stopping every so often to pose for pictures. The big battle was getting Simon to take his wrap-around shades off for the pix.

Spent some of today on the allotment dealing with a fortnight's build-up of weeds and digging in the blazing sun. We're making progress. And where we're not making progress I'm going to take a bloody strimmer to it.

Canadian Grand Prix today… bloody Ferrari win again. Nearly-but-not-quite for MinardiJos Verstappen finished one place out of the points. We're still the only team not to score a point this year.

Now I'm finding excuses not to go to bed, because when I do I'll sleep and then it will be the morning – work, and back to normality. Not fun.