Pot Noodle nightmare

The true nightmare of coming home from holiday is this: sitting at work at 2am eating a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle because it's the only food available.

It doesn't get any worse than that.

Yes, I'm home.

The holiday went well, the walk was successful, and I've lost weight – a few inches from the waistline and (according to one observer) I've also gone down at least one cup size.


Full details will be posted on www.walkwalkwalk.co.uk in due course, with photos.

A piece of work finally completed is a site I have designed and built for a friend (paid web design work – wheee!). Go here to see: www.vicsmosaics.org.

For those following the Harrods-is-tacky debate of a few weeks ago, I drove past at just gone 3am and found it brightly lit up and surrounded by cherry picker cranes, full of workmen replacing the red and green lightbulbs one-by-one with white ones. Shame that top department stores can't use CSS… it'd be a hell of a lot easy to reskin the outsides and the road wouldn't be blocked with cranes.

Forgive me, I'm overtired.

Finally, a good man has died. I met him once – he was inspirational. Those who think 'liberal' is a dirty word should have read some of Conrad Russell's writing – particularly this.

Some links (the Guardian one is the most readable):