Power welding

Received another Nigerian scam email today, and it's highly topical – I'd been wondering whether they were cashing in on the Liberian crisis at all.

This one is from a purported Brigadier General Daniel Mason, who thanks to a joyful typo has lost the opportunity to weld. Must be a lack of solders… *groan*

Notice also the 'to' and 'subject' fields. Who is the mysterious Mary? And what is her connection with me and with the law?

From: wy002nyiy@themail.com
To: “mary” my e-mail
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 1:15 PM
Subject: law
Dear Sir,
This is a matter of urgency and I do hope you can help me.
My name is Brig. Gen. Daniel Mason, and I was the director of millitary operations in the army of the president of Liberia, President Charles Taylor. As you may know, the heat is presently on his govt. to leave Liberia that means all of us who are serving under him. As a matter of fact as I write you this letter, I am already in Lagos – Nigeria where I have been granted assylum by the Nigerian govt.Thanks to the magnanimity of President Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.I am safely holed up in Nigeria but I cannot stay here for too long for fear of the incoming govt. in Liberia which will be made up largely by rebels and enemies of our outgoing govt. They will surely try to trace we key officers to Nigeria to settle scores as it has been a very bitter rivalry.
I am married wih four children-three daughters and a son-and I must do everything within my power to guard, protect and give them the very best in life. I am a very rich man. This I was able to achieve by virtue of my position in the Liberian army. I have enough money to live anywhere in the world and invest likewise. Unfortunately I cannot move this money around freely in my name for fear of it being frozen especially by the American govt. who are sworn enemies of the Charles Taylor regime, reason of which I do not know. They have even instigated the UN to indict my president for war crimes but all these things are lies. Now I have to be a fugitive running from my own country where I welded so much power not too long ago. Now I have to seek help from people I do not even know to secure my hard earned wealth, life and family. I know that GOD ALMIGHTY will help me and see me through this trying time.
While I was relocating my family and self to Nigeria, I was able to transfer a substancial amount of my money -fifteen million United States dollars( US$15,000,000.00)to an oversea holding firm in Europe with the help of the Nigerian ambassador in my country. The money is now safely lodged in Europe and I have a confirmed deposit slip right here with me.
Sir, I need you to serve as receiver/benefactor of this funds which you will lodge in your account or keep how so ever you wish after which you will help me and my family emigrate to your country. On my safe arrival in your country we shall now share the funds on the basis of an agreed term and you will in turn assist me to invest this fund and settle down to a new fruitful and conflict free life. I have leaved most of my life in conflict and I do not whish to continue at least for the sake of my children whom I seriously desire to have a new and better life. Please assist me. Not only do I promise to reward you with a sizeable percentage of the fund, I know that GOD also will reward you abundantly for helping me and my family to secure my hard earned money and start a new worthwhile life. Thank you in advance.
You may please reach me on my confidential e-mail danielmason@mail15.com
Best Regards,
Daniel Mason.
NB: Please respond to my private email: danielmason@mail15.com

Following my now-usual practice, I e-mailed back, referring them to the site that Cirieno recommended. Here's the text of my reply:

How convenient that you find yourself in Nigeria – you may well be able to attend this event:
I wish you the best of luck with your welding.