So… back at work, which is actually quite a restful way to spend a Sunday lunchtime – or would be, were it not for the very bloody journey in on a South West Trains service with a magnetic attraction to every tiny obsure not-normally-stopped-at station on the route.

Not really sure where Saturday went, which is often the way of things when it's your first day off.

One thing that definitely *didn't* happen is that Amtrak didn't turn up with a package of bits and pieces for the computer (and an Xmas present) from Overclockers UK. Not that I really expected them to, as they don't work Saturdays, but the bloke at Overclockers said they might as they'd been having problems (eg their entire phone system seems to have gone down). I'm pretty much resigned to them sending the package back to the sender, leaving me to arrange with Overclockers for it to be resent by the Royal Mail. And I shudder to think how long it will take to organise all that…