Rabbit in the headlights

We're in a bit of a creativity crisis zone here, to be honest. Not writing much in this journal, because all my effort and attention ought to be going into the screenplay deadline at the end of the month. Not much going into that, either, because I don't honestly believe I can do it and end up paralysed with fear every time I open up the file and try to start typing. Which, of course, is the sort of attitude that deserves a good kicking.

And I have to go to work in a couple of hours. Realistically, I suppose working six-day weeks was never going to be a positive environment for the disciplined pursuit of creative writing. Got to keep trying, though…

Also, how do people with long fingernails manage to type? Mine are only just longer than normal, but so many random keyboard letters are being caught by them that the first draft of this post looked like it was written in Polish.