Random miscellany

Cheese update: none left today either. Mrs Cheese is in our office right now, she's never come in before… she's making strange noises with Sellotape just out of my line of vision but hasn't said a word to us. I can can almost smell the cheddar on her guilty breath and see the crumbs of toast on her florid face…

Meanwhile, I sit here forlornly eating marmalade rolls.

Following on from the Nigerian e-mail scam of a couple of days ago, I have now had two versions of exactly the same e-mail purporting to be from a bank manager in Taiwan. Usually these things have a charming variety to them, but this is word-for-word the same as the Nigerian one, except the oilman who deposited the money and then died is called Mr. Smith Lawrence, of the China Petrochemical International Company, and the banker is Wang Xu Chin, Bank Manager of Chinatrust Commercial Bank, Nan Kan branch, Taiwan. His highly professional-sounding e-mail address is xuchin@ziplip.com

I'm tempted to send him a reply recommending he visits the very excellent site linked by Cirieno on my previous post.

Our office is now full of crates (no connection with the visit of Mrs Cheese) as over the weekend we are being moved into the main office where the bosses sit. This may spell doom for my journal, depending on where I end up sitting.

A word of advice: if you can see perfectly well that it is raining while you are getting ready for work, and you know you have a 20 minute walk to the railway station ahead of you, don't wear shoes that you know perfectly well aren't waterproof. Particulary with socks that have a high wool content.

Question: there seems to be shippers for every single Harry Potter character, even the very minor ones, except Gilderoy Lockhart. Why is this? Snape/Lockhart slash needs to be written.