Snatched moment

Am in St Ives, in the 'staying in one place' part of the holiday, on a PC in the library. Last week was the 'walking til you drop' part of the holiday, in which we walked 80 miles in seven days and I lost so much weight that I'm half the man I was.

I may write the walk up in detail at some point, but then again I may not. For now, I'll say we had the Devil's own luck with the weather, only one day being rain-hit. But that was a sod of a day while it lasted. Apart from that, the walk was a riot of wildlife – butterflies dancing around our feet in pairs, dolphins and a seal in the coves, hawks hovering around us, heather and gorse blooming beside the path and more wild blackberries than you could ever want. Oh, and Royal Navy and RAF rescue helicopters holding training exercises overhead, which was noisy but rather fun.

Now, in St Ives, we're resuurecting our plans from March to maybe buy a cottage down here. If you were with me back then, you may remember me rhapsodising about the town. It hasn't got any worse during the intervening months, that's for sure… We're staying in the same holiday let as before and turning up there with our rucksucks on our backs was like coming home. Shame it's off the market next year. In three quarters of an hour's time we're due to view a property near here… maybe it'll work out. You never know.

I'd cross-post this to LiveJournal, but the software on the library blocks LiveJournal for possible obscene content or unmoderated chat rooms. But it doesn't get DeadJournal. Go figure.