Thursday, May 8th, 2003

I managed to get the proverbial eight hours sleep last night and I'm still tired, which seems grossly unfair to me. The foot's healing slowly – most of the bruising's gone but it still hurts to walk any sort of distance and I limp badly. Despite this, I'm walking to and from the stations at both ends of my journey to work and home again – about an hour of walking split into four chunks. This may not be wise – alternatively it may be doing it good, strengthening it. At the allotment on Saturday we met a man who recommended a specialist, I keep meaning to ring her and make an appointment.

There's stuff to write about – potatoes and onions growing at the allotment, organising the cake and gifts for my boss's birthday surprise, politics, stuff like that – but the tiredness makes it impossible to focus on it or to summon the enthusiasm required to turn it all from boring day-to-day stuff into a sparkling narrative worth reading.

Big Brother returns at the end of the month. Wish I was going into the house. Did think of trying to find work on the website but left it too late. Also, we'll be away between June 2nd and 12th.

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