Stop the train! Stop the war! Stop the clock! Stop everything now!

Tube crash, on a day when Lisa would often be using Chancery Lane station on her way to or from work (and involving the carriages she would normally use). In fact we were at home, and the first we heard of it was when my sister Sarah texted me to see if we were involved. I don't worry overmuch about safety on the Tube, although that will change if and when it falls into private hands.

A group of us from the Hounslow Lib Dems are going to the Stop the War demo on the 15th of Feb. I put out a call for anyone interested to give me their names and I've already got twice as many people as I expected.

Got a cheque for the taxman drawn from my savings this lunchtime… it hurt. With the cost of the Spitfire MOT and with paying for my parents to go to Malta for their Golden Wedding anniversary in March, I'm just about cleaned out.

Still feeling a bit down because of 's post here. Or, to be more accurate, the conversation in the replies to the post where I get called old. I know it was all in jest but it taps into my already-existing insecurities about whether I should even be on deadjournal or whether I should have gone off and got myself a blog like all the other boring old farts who like talking about news and politics and how many hits they're getting and how to measure them. But I like DJ. It has energy and personality and the people here don't take themselves too seriously or pretend they have all the answers.

I know I don't have them.