Straight lines and curves

For reasons that make a long and not very interesting story, I had to travel into work by train on Tuesday instead of driving.

This was wildly inconvenient, as a 20 mile / 30 minute drive north west was instantly transformed into a two hour marathon that took me eastwards right into central London before I could head out beyond the M25 again.

So, to commemorate that strange day where a straightforward journey was transformed into a tangled meander, here are some photos of lines and curves.

The M40 motorway on stilts
March of progress
The M40 motorway stalks on stilts over an industrial estate car park.

Blue fence at Beaconsfield station
Blue barricade
The freshly-painted fence at Beaconsfield station vanishes in the distance along the platform.

Cranes and the arch of the new Wembley Stadium
Wembley rising (perhaps)
From the train window, cranes surround the arch of the new Wembley Stadium in the week that its finances collapsed.