Thank you

Firstly, thanks to everyone on both DeadJournal and LiveJournal who've posted their good wishes. It's very much appreciated. I hope to visit Sarah at the weekend and I'll tell her people are thinking of her. I'll update occasionally on how she's doing but mostly I won't be writing about her because it's not my story to tell, and it's for her to decide how much of it is made public.

is pushing this: if you weren't already supporting it, and if you can, then please do so. If you're prevented because (for example) you're in the US, then Heck's Kitchen has a link to follow for one of those 'clicks = donations' schemes. Look in the right-hand nav.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, real life is going on. For example, tonight is the Human League gig I've been looking forward to for the last few weeks. Should be good to take my mind off things, at least.