Triumph, thy name is the Duke of York

We managed half an hour on the allotment today, just to see how bad things were with the disease that was killing off the potatoes last time I went over. The first row we put down – Duke of Yorks – are almost done for and the second is looking distinctly yellow. The other two are still thriving for the most part, but some plants have ominous yellow leaves right at the bottom.

So I dug up half a row of the Duke of Yorks, to see how bad things were underground. We figured we were still a month away from when we were going to harvest them, but if they were pretty much dead anyway then why not?

The long and the short of it is that there are now 3lb 5oz of our own homegrown potatoes in the kitchen and while some of them are microscopically small and some are a bit greenish in places, there's certainly some good eating there too.

Our first crop – I'm childishly excited :o) :o) :o)