Twitter Updates for 2009-05-31

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

  • OK, have had tea. Let the day begin. #
  • Certif arrived from FSB, with comical covering letter: “Now, as a member, high-handed gvt officials will be too scared to bully you’. ROFL. #
  • Sniffing an upset in Britain’s Got Talent. Suspect Susan Boyle might have peaked too early and Stavros Flatley might snatch an surprise win. #
  • Tortoises, please note, regulate their temperature by seeking microclimates. Today, one of ours dug up the strawberry patch to find shade. #
  • Oof. More leaflets done. Back getting progressively worse. No more until Monday, though. Roll on the election. #
  • It appears our phone line doesn’t allow us to dial premium rate numbers… had to use my mobile to vote for Stavros Flatley in BGT. Ouch. #
  • Twitter trending topics dominated by #BGT. Suggests 1-2-3-4-5 will be #Susan Boyle, #Diversity, #StavrosFlatley, #Flawless, #JulianSmith. #
  • Blimey – Lib Dems overtake Labour, according to new Telegraph poll: Not a bad thing to see before the Euros/Counties! #
  • Well, I was right to sniff an upset in #BGT but not so clever in spotting who it would be. Congrats to #Diversity, but Stavros F woz robbed! #
  • RT @twostoreys Annoyed by those conveniently using SusanBoyle as their object of anger. They’ll be picking on next famous person 4 no reason #

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