Twitter Updates for 2009-06-03

  • And… relax. That’s the last of the election leaflets done, with help from Beloved Other Half comparatif cialis. Back is a bit of a wreck but rest will cure. #
  • Just been watching nesting blackbirds in the creeper on the garage wall. Very sweet. #
  • I love a dual-monitor set-up: work on one monitor, live stream and scorecard from Roland-Garros on the other. #
  • Am loving the ‘literal video version’ meme: here’s the best pop video of the 80s, with new lyrics that match the action. #
  • – Another tortoise invasion, as Madam explores. No lavatorial issues this time, though. #
  • has just splashed himself with gin, courtesy of an overbalancing slice of lemon #
  • Gin and tonic having seemingly had negative effect on producoductivity, have switched back to tea for the rest of the afternoon. #