Twitter Updates for 2009-06-08

  • Just settling down to do my half of the live blog of the Turkish GP. Did the report on the IRL Texas race earlier this morning. Need tea. #
  • If this is true it’s way worse than anything UK reality TV ever did. Passports seized, quitting contestants locked up… #
  • Toast and Marmite = good. Listening to Scotland getting spanked in the cricket = not good. Still ahead on balance I think. #
  • Oops. England’s first wicket falls on the 8th ball of the match. Looks like our participation in our home World Cup will be somewhat brief. #
  • Was just typing that the cricket was looking a bit better when Shah lost his wicket… I’ll shut up now. #
  • The BBC is reporting that rumour suggests Labour has dropped to fifth or sixth in the eastern region… that would be apocalyptic for them. #