Twitter Updates for 2009-06-16

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

  • All hail the healing power of tea and cornflakes when faced with an early-morning splitter of a headache. Almost feel human at the moment. #
  • RT @girlonetrack We should line up all the blog commenters who shout "First!" in front of a firing squad and ask them, "Who's first, then?" #
  • Headache returning: need more tea. Will pass on the second bowl of cornflakes though. #
  • RT @rhianonjameson wishes @Kirakitty a speedy recovery. (Seconded here – good luck and all) #
  • "Corse itz Monday." – #lol #dogs #
  • Hurrah for Nigel Short – sill mixing it with the teenage prodigies and winning #
  • Last link for a while – the Magistrate's Blog on where power REALLY lies in the UK: #
  • Can't sleep as usual, making instant noodles. Reading the latest Freya North – no Jane Austen but, like JA, far better writer than her genre #

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