Twitter weekly updates for 2009-08-09

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

  • Still plugging away with story, back on track, deadline extended, buoyed by encouraging email from Freya North #blatantnamedropping #
  • Also, am busily growing Victorian whiskers like Yardley in Lagaan: It's awfully hard work. Energy-sapping. #
  • Feel like I'm pulling teeth. My short story heroine has just thrown a shoe at a copper & will shortly escape into building site. What larks. #
  • Draft one written. 6728 words. Will have to ask questions about rights and suchlike before sending it to publisher tomorrow, though. #
  • RT @BritsOnPole Remember Henry Surtees with a donation to Headway #
  • Very pleased to have the writing complete but haven't heard back from editor with answers to my questions. Attempting to resume normal life. #
  • Ha. Most amused to find myself looking thrilled and attentive, leaning on one elbow, in slide #32 of this: #
  • Been on wild goose chase to Norfolk. Got hot, sticky, grouchy, sank ankle-deep in a bog and drove home through a rainstorm. Not want. #
  • Finally the publisher has replied re story rights. Not encouraging, they seem to want everything – complete ownership. Am negotiating. #
  • RT @avaragado Bush asked Chirac to help invade Iraq "to thwart Bible's satanic agents of Apocalypse" (via @ElrikMerlin) #
  • Can't believe John Hughes has gone, age 59. BBC video report here gets what he meant to my generation #
  • Watching this reminds me how, when growing up, my idea of what was cool, stylish, & romantic was formed by John Hughes #
  • I still think Ally Sheedy's Breakfast Club character looked better before her makeover, though… #
  • For those of you not taking much notice of The #Ashes today – don't! England currently 97-7 in their first innings. #
  • England all out for 102… slightly dodgy decision sends Onions back to the pavilion. This is… not good. #Ashes #
  • Check this video out — Project Bueller at the NYC Halloween Parade #
  • Sends sympathy to Norwich-supporting friends. But a few more like today are needed before you're as embarrassed by your manager as I am mine #
  • RT @stephenfry This picture proves that I've got a big cock [Blimey!] #

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